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HQ Stitch

For years we have been telling our customers about the wonderful sewing machine collections available to them. We are often asked what brand is best, or what they should buy, but due to our lack of space, we always had to recommend trying them out at local Quilt Shows or other quilt shops.

We are very happy to announce that we have partnered with Handi-Quilter, the company well known for their longarm quilting machines, to carry their newest line – HQ Stitch.

HQ Stitch machines are your domestic sewing machines designed with quilters in mind! The three models are exactly what a quilter needs. Our favorite model, the 210, is the perfect beginner’s machine or travel machine. At only 12 lbs and with 20 stitches, it has everything you need to work on your projects at home, or away. Bring it to your classes. Beginners can start out with a reasonably priced machine that has all the options they need to become experienced quilters.

If you’re a confident quilter who doesn’t need all the bells and whistles, the 510 has a large throat space and can handle 1,600 stitches per minute! This machine is great for straight stitching and free-motion machine quilting. Like to do ruler work? This is perfect for using a ruler foot and templates.

HQ Stitch 510

And finally, the 710. Once you’ve graduated to needing a bigger machine, here’s the one for you! With 170 stitches, it’s fabulous for putting those decorative stitches on your projects, or adding text. With a larger throat space than the 510, the 710 can handle all your quilting needs.

HQ Stitch 710

Stop in today to check them out and take one for a test drive or click on the photo to read more and watch video demos!
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